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M&A Integration

How can your transaction succeed?

Top strategic goals of M&A transactions are usually achieved on the day the deal is closed or soon thereafter. New markets, new technologies, combined legal entities and expert personnel are immediately and legally made part of the combined organization. M&A integration is where most transactions fail, especially larger ones. This is counterintuitive and counterproductive as stakeholder value added is in fact the very reason a transaction is undertaken. To help you succeed, we help develop practical guidance through the integration steps, at PMO or functional work-stream level of your transaction.

I. Preparation (pre-announcement)

  • Integration Due Diligence 
  • Process Design and Kick-Off 
  • Resource Assessment

II. Transaction development (pre-close)

  • Integration Planning
  • Validation of Synergies
  • Prioritization and Tracking of Tasks
  • Deployment of Tools and Templates 

III. Execution and Monitoring (post-close)

  • Planning and Conducting Orderly Transfer of Responsibilities
  • Structuring Synergy Tracking
  • Establishing Operational Metrics